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User agreementX

Exeception clause:
Thanks for your visit Dalian Huagong Mall page, this plan is offered by Dalian Huagong Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. All the above plan clauses and conditions complete with relevant clauses and conditions about any promotion content all together constitute the entire agreement between plan membership and Huagong mall. If you use Huagong Mall, that means you join this plan and accept these clauses, conditions, restriction and requirement.
Please notice! Your use Huagong website and your membership are also limited by all the clauses, conditions, restriction and requirement which are renewed on Huagong’s website. Please read carefully about these clauses and conditions.
limitation of liability:
Besides other restrictions regulated in the Huagong’s mall service condition and some other except situations, within the limits allowed by Chinese Law and regulations, for  any direct, indirect, special, accessory, resulty and exemplary damages and any other property damages caused by or relevant to member and the integral plan, Dalian Huagong’s director, administrators, employees, agents and other representatives will not undertake any responsibilities under any situations. All the responsibilities of Dalian Huagong,no matter the responsibilities under the contract, Guarantee, Tort ( including offense) and other responsibilities, which all can not be over the product price amount that you spent and relevant to the claim. These responsibilities exclusion and limited clauses will be applied in maximum degree within the law allowance and will continuously valid after your membership is revoked or terminated.
Register through the website and old customers will all becomeonline mall members of Dalian Huagong HGIT official website.

VIP member consumption in the mall is available to get integral.

I Member rights
1. Different levels of membership, there will be a corresponding discount, special products (glue) do not have a discount, the activity price and the discount is not synchronized.
Member level corresponding discount
VIP1 5% off within 2000 internals
VIP2 6% off 2000 internals
VIP3 8% off 6000 internalspresent home maintenance one time
VIP4 10 percent off 10000 internalspresent a set of common accessories
VIP5 12% off 16000  internals
VIP5 14% off 22000  internals
VIP7 16 off 30000 internals
VIP8 18% off  40000 internals
VIP9 20 off  60000  internals

2.  Consumption integration
  The glue costing 100 Yuan will get 15 internals
Accessories, spare parts, machine etc, if it costs 1 Yuan, you will get 1 Yuan internal. If less than 1 Yuan, you will get 0 internal.

II Integral feedback
    After members receive internals, they can exchange to the accessories using internals (similar to the mall); or the display price and internals used for integral exchange. -- can only exchange the accessories, services, presents and gifts.
Tip: if the internals are 1600, then show 1600 internals (16 yuan)
100 Internals can be changed to 1 yuan, can be used to buy accessories.
Integral accumulationcan exchange gifts, after reaching the internals, the mall will remind customers the prizes can be exchanged to purchase. (set the internals grade, to the grade, it will remind automatically about the prizes can be exchanged) such as: 20000 internals (200 yuan), automatically reminds to exchange Bluetooth headset.
Customers exchange points whichwill not affect the VIP upgrade;